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Company Culture

Mission: Make electricity more energy-efficient, cleaner, and safer.

Vision: To become the leading brand of power quality

Values: Into the German practice, beyond the dedication

With the spirit of advancing in Germany and exceeding the corporate spirit of dedication, Zhejiang Yide Technology Co., Ltd. will provide first-class technology, first-class products, and first-class services for the country's strong smart grid.

Quality, quality, or quality "From the first day of each member's entry into the company, we have deeply imbed these two words into everyone's mind, so that they can meticulously pick up the details in the production process. , starting from quality, producing quality products for each customer.

In the process of enterprise development, we have gone through the road of quality and efficiency--quality scale and efficiency. The quality consciousness of all employees extends from product to work, efficiency, style and service, and gradually cultivates that "quality is the starting point of value and dignity." "The business philosophy.

Quality is not the best, only better, customer satisfaction is only the starting point, there is no end. We will always focus on customer satisfaction, continue to strengthen quality management, and strive to catch up with the advanced level of the domestic industry and striving for international brands.

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